60 & sexy!

Yes, women are sexy at any age.

Yes, women are sexy at any age.

Yes, this is a sexy picture and doesn’t she looked beautiful! This brings up 2 good points.

1. How does one take care of themselves so they can look youthful as they age? Exercise, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, no smoking and moderate drinking. And genes often play a huge part into this too. A good skin moisturizer ensures the pores on your skin stay satisfied.

Also, notice how Ava is dressed. She is sporting a professional, yet trendy look that fits well on her. What I love most about this picture is Ava’s hair. Yes, it’s gray which some would say shows your age. Her natural color now, took a few years to come in so nicely, that in order to do so, she cut her hair short. Well this haircut goes perfect with her face, highlighting her cheekbones and eyes. This stylish cut and color works so well for her.

2. Sexy pictures don’t have to be skin bearing. Women of all ages and sizes seem to feel that they must wear sexy outfits and heels in order to have us take their pictures. How untrue! Look at Ava, she is using this photo for her website at work. But the way I posed her, her look and charm, makes this a sexy picture. And yes, this is something anyone at any age can do.

So Ladies, gone are the days of our Grandparents that always looked 90 but really were in their 60’s. Hurray!


The truth “lies” here

Many women want to do our intimate sessions but are afraid for several reasons. They tell themselves “lies” of why they that can’t take the pictures at this time of their lives. We have been working with women for years and we know how to pose you to flatter your body, make your smile look real & make you fall in
love with yourself! You deserve to do this for yourself. Come, let us pamper you with your makeup and hair done professionally and then create beautiful images of yourself. Remember, you choose the outfits you wear from lingerie to fully clothed! We hope to see you soon! Can you think of any reason not to have this done? The lies that really aren't lies.

What a perfect Valentine’s gift

val·en·tine [val-uhn-tahyn] noun
a written or other artistic work, message, token, etc., expressing affection for something or someone.

Yes, I think she’s has the perfect gift this year.

Valentine gift that will always be remembered

Give the best gift ever a gorgeous picture of yourself.

Give the best gift ever a gorgeous picture of yourself.

You need a Valentine gift. I need real women or men for new promotional material. Before we go any further, you are beautiful just the way you are, so show it. You’re never going to loose those 10 pounds, (Lord knows I’m still trying) but I will pose you so you look so good, you will become addicted. And this special is it, never again will this price be offered because I have big plans.

We are offering a 2 outfit mini modeling session.

*Ages 18-99, all shapes and sizes (men you are sexy too & I think your love would flip over this)

*We provide professional hair & makeup

*Bring 2 complete outfits, anything from that little black dress, a tight sweater (remember how good Marilyn looked), lingerie, that sexy bra and panty set,
wedding attire (great gift for your groom), you get the idea. Whatever you are comfortable in and shows your inner beauty that’s what you should wear.

*You agree to be on our website & promotional material. Remember we only do tasteful work and I select our market very carefully. If you opt out of this part but still want this great offer, we have to charge an additional $75.00.

What does this life changing experience, being photographed as a supermodel ( yes we pose you), your hair & makeup professionally done, realistic retouching if needed and getting a 5×7 as a gorgeous souviner of yourself (just in time for Valentines Day) cost? How’s $129.00!!!!

This offer ends 2/4/13 so call us now at 856-696-3968.

Be beautiful now.

Christmas is just around the bend!

Now’s the time to start thinking what to get your love for Christmas.  A tastefully done album of just you in a variety of intimate outfits in different settings is on his list.   Our expertise in posing and lighting along with retouching,  will make sure that this is one album you look at often.  So contact us now to ensure we have this wrapped up for you just in time for the Holidays!Image